Social Media Content Ideas for Restaurants this December

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Social Media Content Ideas for Restaurants this December

December is the month of festivities, joy, and delicious indulgences! For restaurants, it’s the perfect time to engage with customers on social media and spread the holiday cheer. Whether you’re a cozy cafe, a fine dining establishment, or a trendy eatery, here are some content ideas to spice up your social media presence throughout December.

  1. Share mouthwatering images of your festive menu items, from Christmas-themed desserts to hearty winter comfort foods. Highlight seasonal ingredients and showcase your chef’s special creations.
  2. Run holiday-themed contests or giveaways on your social media platforms. Encourage followers to participate by sharing their favourite holiday food memories or tagging friends to spread the joy. Offer a festive dish or a special discount as a reward.
  3. Take your followers behind the scenes to showcase the festive preparations in your kitchen. Feature your chefs crafting signature holiday dishes, decorating the restaurant, or preparing special ingredients. Humanise your brand and create a connection with your audience.
  4. Share simplified versions of your signature holiday recipes in short video tutorials or step-by-step image posts. Encourage your followers to recreate these dishes at home and tag your restaurant in their creations.
  5. Build anticipation for the New Year with a countdown series. Feature a popular dish each day, share customer testimonials, or highlight memorable moments from the past year. Create a sense of excitement as you approach the final countdown.
  6. Showcase your festive drink offerings – from classic eggnogs to creative holiday-themed cocktails. Encourage customers to share their favourite holiday drink moments at your establishment, using a branded hashtag.
  7. Share images of your restaurant’s holiday decor and ambiance. Whether it’s a cozy fireplace, twinkling lights, or themed table settings, give your audience a glimpse of the warmth and festive spirit they can experience at your establishment.
  8. Dedicate posts to your hardworking staff. Share their holiday wishes, behind-the-scenes moments, or even feature a “Meet the Team” series. Showcase the people who make the magic happen in your kitchen and front of house.
  9. Take a moment to reflect on the year gone by and express gratitude to your customers for their support. Consider running a charity promotion or partnering with a local cause to give back to the community during the season of giving.

December is a month of joy, connection, and celebration. Use these social media content ideas to not only promote your restaurant’s offerings but also to create a sense of community and share the festive spirit with your audience. Embrace the season, engage with your customers, and let your social media platforms become a virtual extension of the warmth and hospitality that defines your establishment. Cheers to a festive and flavourful December!


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