How To Plan & Create Engaging Social Media Content for Your Restaurant

How To Plan & Create Engaging Social Media Content for Your Restaurant

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How To Plan & Create Engaging Social Media Content for Your Restaurant

At JF Digital, we’re passionate about helping restaurants thrive in the digital world. Wondering how we make it happen? Well, we’ve got a step-by-step process that ensures your restaurant stands out online. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through each stage, from researching content to scheduling, so you can get a glimpse into our seamless approach.


  1. Instagram, TikTok & Pinterest – Researching Content: We stay on top of trends, follow popular restaurants, and constantly save content for inspiration. By immersing ourselves in the food and beverage industry, we gather ideas that will resonate with your audience. This research phase helps us curate engaging and on-trend content for your restaurant.
  2. Canva – Creating Grids and Shot Lists / Visuals: This is where we build your content strategy. Using the insights gained from our research, we create comprehensive shot lists and mood boards using Canva. These visual tools act as the blueprint for your social media content, ensuring that every post aligns with your brand’s unique style and messaging. By meticulously planning the visuals, we craft a cohesive and engaging content strategy that resonates with your audience and brings your brand story to life.
  3. Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop – Editing Photos: Once we’ve captured the perfect shots, we enhance them using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. These editing tools allow us to fine-tune colours, adjust lighting, and optimise each photo to showcase your restaurant’s ambiance and culinary delights. The result? Mouth-watering visuals that captivate your audience.
  4. DaVinci Resolve & CapCut – Editing Videos: Videos are a powerful way to engage your audience, and we’re all about creating captivating content. With DaVinci Resolve for our Sony a7iv footage and CapCut for iPhone clips, we edit and polish each video, adding smooth transitions, applying filters, and ensuring they align with the platform’s unique requirements. Get ready to serve up some irresistible reels and TikTok videos!
  5. Planable – Content Planning and Scheduling: Once our content is edited and ready to go, we turn to Planable for seamless content planning and scheduling. This platform allows us to organize your social media calendar, collaborate with your team, and get a visual preview of how each post will look across different platforms. It’s the key to maintaining a consistent and well-structured online presence.
  6. Meta Business Suite – Engagement & Insights: To ensure we’re driving maximum engagement and achieving your goals, we leverage insights from Facebook’s Business Suite. We analyze data on a monthly basis to understand which content resonates best with your audience. This valuable information helps us refine our strategy, adapt to trends, and continually improve your social media performance.


At JF Digital, we have a simple yet effective approach to help your restaurant shine online. From researching content and creating captivating visuals to editing photos and videos, and planning and scheduling with precision, we leave no stone unturned in our mission to elevate your online presence. With our seamless process and dedicated team, we’ll attract, engage, and delight customers like never before.

Ready to take your restaurant’s online presence to the next level? Reach out to JF Digital today and let us tailor a strategy that aligns with your unique brand. Together, we’ll create a digital experience that leaves a lasting impression on your audience and drives the success you deserve. Let’s get cooking!

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